Nov 30

Uptime Institute Certification: What’s the Big Deal?

InPwr Inc.’s latest spotlight project makes us exceptionally proud: long-time customer, Venyu Solutions, Inc., employed us to restore a 1950’s Selber Brothers Department store into a design build data center, located in downtown Shreveport, LA. While historic restoration always brings new life into a community, why is this project such a big deal? Uptime Institute™ Tier III Certification. 

The Uptime Institute is a world-renowned, independent authority on industry-leading standards for critical IT infrastructure, which is the backbone to today’s 24X7 global economy. For more than 20 years, they are recognized for their collaborative and best-practices approach to Data Center Design, Construction and Operational Sustainability, through rigorous guidelines, research, and education. Uptime Institute is most notable for their Tier Standards & Certifications, which is the “global language of data center performance.”

Venyu SHV is the 46th Tier III design and constructed facility in the United States. To achieve this, strict testing was successfully demonstrated to prove that the data center functioned properly while under rated load. Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards are progressive, which means Venyu SHV also mastered Tiers I and II.

  • Tier I: Basic Capacity. This requires a data center to have a dedicated site infrastructure to support IT beyond an office setting, to include uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to filter power spikes, sags, and momentary outages; dedicated cooling equipment operating at all times; and an engine generator to protect IT functions during extended power outages.
  • Tier II: Redundant Capacity Components. Redundant power and cooling equipment (i.e. UPS modules, chillers or pumps, and engine generators) provides maintenance and service opportunities, along with mitigating risk in IT process disruptions when critical equipment fails.
  • Tier III: Concurrently Maintainable. In addition to the redundancy in Tier II, Tier III data centers require no shutdowns for necessary repairs or maintenance on the equipment. This allows for the IT process to operate smoothly, without interruption, when support is needed on power and cooling equipment.
  • Tier IV: Fault Tolerance. Building on Tier III, the Tier IV site infrastructure adds the additional layer of Fault Tolerance. Fault Tolerance stops the interruption where it occurs, whether at the individual equipment failure or on the distribution path, before impacting any IT operations.

For additional details on the Uptime Institute Tier Classification, check out their blog

We’re thrilled to partner with Venyu Solutions on this huge accomplishment, and yes! It is a big deal. Contact us today for more information on how we can support your next mission critical project and achieving Uptime Institute certification!

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