Oct 31

Revolutionizing with Aemerge RedPak

At InPwr Inc., we love complex opportunities and solving for intricate design/build projects to include mission critical, industrial, and advanced facilities; they not only advance technology but make huge impacts on our ever-evolving society. Our latest project doesn’t fall short – a revolutionizing medical processing center – developed and patented by our client, Aemerge RedPak!

RedPak’s patented Carbonizer treatment system diverts up to 90% of treated medical waste from landfill disposal, turning organic waste into clean energy and useful carbon-based co-products. RedPak prides itself in being a “Virtual Landfill®” with the processing taking an estimated two hours vs. “2 million years!” Approved by the California Department of Public Health and Medical Waste Management Program, the Carbonizer is sure to make headway for the medical community, overall public safety, and a cleaner environment all the way around.

Our team is honored to be hands on the ground, completing the control installation for Aemerge RedPak, and assisting in the overall electrical design of this patented technology. We look forward to the revolution trend this project will make not only for the state of California but globally as well!

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