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2019 Top Workplaces

InPwr Inc. is honored to be acclaimed one of Central Indiana’s employers-of-choice as one of Indy Star’s 2019 Top Places to Work! We are Building it Better with an amazing team through employee empowerment, relentless dedication and a commitment to excellence.

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Positions Held by InPwr Inc. Associates

  • Project Management
  • Safety
  •  Design Build Estimator
  •  Project Design Engineer
  •  CAD Technician
  • General Superintendent Electrician
  • Field Superintendent Electrician
  • Service Technician
  • Foreman Electrician
  • Journeymen Electrician
  •  Electrical Apprentices
  •  Internships
  • Purchasing
  • Operations
  • Support Staff

InPwr Inc.’s travel policy for traveling field associates:

InPwr Inc. offers a unique travel policy for our out of town travelers in the field. Our 17/4 Provision offers each employee that has completed 17 days of work in the field, 4 days off. We provide transportation to and from your resident state to ensure familial values.

Comprehensive Compensation Package Provided by InPwr Inc.:

InPwr Inc.’s strength lies in its true commitment to team building. One of our core concepts relies on the belief that our most prized assets are in our relationships with our team. This is illustrated through our unique benefit package which includes but is not limited to full vacation benefits, medical benefits, 401K programming and our unique 30-day sabbatical opportunity.

Our benefit package includes:

  • Vacation after 90-days
  • Paid Holidays
  • 30 Day Sabbatical Experience with travel allowance
  • Field 17/4 Provision
  • Per Diem
  • Corporate Housing (where applicable)
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Education Program
  • Medical Benefits
  • 401 K Program

How To Apply:

It is the policy of InPwr Inc. to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and to hire individuals solely upon the basis of his or her qualifications and ability to perform the duties of the position to be filled. The consideration of recruiting and hiring of employees by InPwr Inc. is to follow:

  • We do not accept/disperse applications for employment unless we are hiring at that time.
  • Applications/Resumes are active for 30 days (date must appear on application/resume).
  • After resumes are received, if we are in a hiring status, applications must be fully completed/dated/signed etc. to be considered for employment.
  • Applications must be filled out signed and submitted at InPwr Inc. unless otherwise approved for out of state applicants by Brian Inskeep (no Xeroxed copies).
  • All applicants will be fully screened—verifying previous employment.
  • If an applicant would like to be considered for employment after the 30 days have expired, the applicant must follow the above procedure again in order to be eligible for a position.
  • Each applicant may apply for only one position at any given time; if the applicant is qualified for more than one position the applicant should apply for the position for which he/she is most qualified.

Order of Applicant Consideration

  • Recommendation from management/reliable employee source
  • Qualifications/skills/history of employment
  • Personal interview

All employment is contingent on passing a drug screening, background and license screen and following all guidelines as stated in InPwr Inc.’s Policy Manual.

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