Revolutionizing Medical Processing: Aemerge RedPak

Industrial High-Heat Treatment System | Hesperia, CA

Committed to Excellence while Making History

InPwr Inc. was honored to partner with customer Aemerge RedPak for their award-winning, patented medical processing center, the Carbonizer®. Diverting up to 95% of treated medical waste from landfill disposal, this “Virtual Landfill®” turns organic waste into clean energy and useful carbon-based co-products – all in two hours vs. “2 million years!” Based in Hesperia, CA, the city’s mayor Paul Russ stated, Aemerge RedPak is going to revolutionize the way medical waste is treated in this country. We look forward to the revolution start here.” Approved by the California Department of Public Health and Medical Waste Management Program, the Carbonizer is making headway for the medical community, overall public safety, and a cleaner environment all the way around.

“First-of-its-Kind Technology”

We pride ourself in complex opportunities, and this project did not fall short! According to Scott Behrens, Aemerge RedPak’s Sr. Engineer and Patent Holder, “It quickly became evident that the knowledge and experience the InPwr team brought to the project was a valuable intangible asset.” With its high confidentiality and ever-evolving design, our team was nimble and fierce in completing the control installation and assisting in the overall electrical installation of this patented technology. Industrial construction requires specialized expertise, training, and a commitment to excellence like none other to ensure the structural and mechanical components are strong and integrous upon execution.


We are humbled and proud of the recognition InPwr Inc. has received for this project! Aemerge RedPak first won the 2018 Awards of Excellence for Industrial Construction by Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain at their 12th Annual IECRM Awards Dinner and then followed it up with national recognition at the Independent Electrical Contractor‘s President’s Awards Gala, earning the 2018 Award of Excellence, Industrial Construction in its category. The Associated Builders & Contractors of Indiana/Kentucky also took note of this amazing project with their 2018 Award of Excellence. We thank our entire team for their relentless dedication in achieving these accolades and building it better!

nPwr Aemerge Awards

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Provided and installed all control conduit paths, including 10,000-ft. of 3/4″ IMC, 4,500-ft. of 1″ IMC, and 2,000-ft. of 2″ IMC


Installed 562 devices where 55% of them were in a Class 1, Division 1 location


Installed 15 PLC/RIO control panels interconnected with 2 MCC and 23 VFD’s to the control room

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