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Disaster Recovery | Boston, MA

Home for the Holidays!

It looked like Armageddon,” Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker declared, as a state of emergency was called in three towns north of Boston.

On Sept. 13, 2018, a service call with the utility’s work crew went frightfully wrong when taking an old cast-iron gas main out of service. A misstep was taken, resulting in the filling of the lines with natural gas. Within minutes, houses across the communities of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover began exploding from the gas buildup – a truly horrific scene, causing several injuries, one fatality, and thousands of families’ homes and treasures up in flames! Scenes like this are truly heartbreaking, and InPwr Inc. was grateful to once again deploy our Disaster Recovery team to help in times of need.

Disaster Recovery

Upon arrival into Massachusetts, our crew of 50 men and women worked fast and furious, nearly 17,000 man-hours, to provide temporary electric and heat solutions to the individual residences as soon as possible for the holidays. Our team worked tirelessly through rain, hail, and sleet, while making time to volunteer, serving misplaced residents a traditional Thanksgiving turkey meal.

Work was completed at an approximate total of 2,500 residences on December 23rd, just in time for Santa’s visit to these Boston residences.

Award Winning

While the work itself was fulfilling in helping the displaced families, InPwr Inc. was honored to receive the 2019 Award of Excellence in Residential Construction,  in its category, by the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc.  This national recognition is a great one, and it is a small representation of how our Boston families felt being home for the holidays!


Three Boston suburbs and 2,500 residences impacted by utility gas fires


Hundreds of 125kW diesel generators were set, DLO cable installed, and distribution panels connected


6/4 spider box cables were installed, with 2-4 space heaters per spider box, and CO/smoke detectors per residence

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