Serving Rural America: Dollar General

1.2 Million SF Distribution Facility | Longview, TX

The Buck Stops Here

Dollar General has interwoven itself in the “fabric of small-town” America, with its mission of “Serving Others” since the company’s start in 1939. With over 15,000 convenience stores located across 44 states, their retail outlets are trending in sales by providing value, easy-to-shop stores, and household staples across rural America. InPwr Inc. was honored to be a part of their latest project, a $10 million, 1.2 million-square-feet distribution facility, spreading across approximately 150 acres in Longview, TX.  Outbuildings include a truck maintenance facility, dispatch office, pump house, and two guardhouses at the inbound entrances and outbound exits. Once fully in operation, the distribution center is estimated to employ 400 local workers, bringing a positive economic surge to this small city in Eastern Texas.

High Heats & Hot Deadlines

Dollar General is undoubtedly a hot commodity, and the customer had a condensed 9-month schedule to open its doors as soon as possible. Coupled with 90-days of 90° heat and 90%+ humidity, the InPwr team worked fast and furious to make it happen with no injuries or safety issues along the way. The team sourced and installed 3,800 LED lights and lighting controls on the campus, along with over 1 million-feet of cable, equating to 190 miles of cable and accommodating pathway. The electrical scope included but was not limited to the Mechanical Controls, the Distribution with four Medium Voltage Switchgear and one 40kVA UPS System, the Building Automation, Fire Alarm System, Grounding and Lightning Protection, Public Address System and Sound, Security and Closed-Circuit Television, and the lighting for the in-pavement Smart Crosswalk™ Automatic Activation Bollard.

Nationally Recognized

Proudly, the work completed at Dollar General distribution center won the 2019 Award of Excellence for Industrial Construction in its category by the Independent Electrical Contractor national organization. We know this project was a hot one, and we sincerely thank our entire team for their hard work, relentless dedication, and commitment to excellence.


Sourced and installed over 1-million ft. of cable in a 1.2-million-sq. ft. Distribution Facility


Sourced and installed 3,800 LED lights and lighting controls


Installed a pedestrian detection gateway using infrared light beam sensors to detect pedestrians, to include in-roadway warning lights, LED signs, rapid rectangular flashing beacons, and nighttime LED lighting to illuminate crosswalk

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