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4 Building Campus Service Distribution | Tremont, IL

Project Management

Our client called on us to install and renovate electrical work in three new buildings and two existing buildings, working in concert with a local architectural firm. As the project progressed, the local firm was unable to complete the scope of work. Due to careful project planning and management, the InPwr Inc. team stepped in to take over design and engineering for the project. At InPwr Inc., we build agility into each project plan, and draw on a deep knowledge base to enable our teams to rise to meet unforeseen challenges in any project.

Build It Better

When InPwr Inc. took on the engineering and design aspects of our client’s project, we incorporated the global parent company’s specifications, and also took a fresh look at the client’s requirements. Our team redesigned the project to meet the client’s ideal goals, resulting in a better overall solution for the client’s needs.

Project execution included a new facility for a client-facing auditorium, a new fire pump house, a new testing facility for equipment in development, and a backup generator.  Our scope also included demolition of one existing building and renovating two others, and was completed in 28,000 man-hours.

InPwr Inc. has the expertise and flexibility to handle any project—and accommodate changing scope and parameters.  Get that peace of mind for your projects when you contact us for a consultation.


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The size of this project was one new facility with a new fire pump house and testing building and the renovation of two existing buildings.


The scope of this project was demo of one existing building. The compete installation of one new building with an auditorium for trade show of the product line to new clients. Renovation of two existing buildings of the complete electrical systems. The addition of a new fire pump house and backup generator and test facility for new developmental equipment.


This project consist of 28,000 man-hours.

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