Achieving Tier III Certification: Venyu SHV Data Center

84,000 SF Multi-Story Historical Building & Equipment Yard | Shreveport, LA

Relentless Dedication Results in Historic Restoration

InPwr Inc. partnered with long-time customer, Venyu Solutions, Inc., to restore a former 1950’s historic Selber Brothers Department store into a secure data center located in the heart of downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. Clothing racks and mannequins were replaced with IT servers and switch racks in the 84,000 square feet multi-level building. Our services included redundant 4000 Amp service, 3 MW Day 1 Generator Capacity (N+1), and 1.2 MW Day 1 UPS Capacity, resulting in one of the most secure data centers in the nation. The building’s redevelopment was a welcome resurgence to the community, and our team was proud to build it better.

Uptime Institute Tier III Certified Facility

Partnering with our customer, we fulfilled the prestigious, industry-leading standards of the Uptime Institute in both the design and construction of the Shreveport data center. By achieving Tier III certification, the data center is concurrently maintainable, which means there is no interruption to IT services for repairs or maintenance of equipment due to the redundant delivery paths. Venyu SHV is the only tier-rated facility in Louisiana and is only the 46th Uptime Institute Tier III facility in the United States.


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Redundant 4000 Amp Service


3 MW Day 1 Generator Capacity (N+1)


1.2 MW Day 1 UPS Capacity

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