Disaster Recovery

Restoration Industry AssociationLicensed in nearly 40 states, InPwr Inc. organizes into agile, mobile teams and springs into immediate deployment for our clients’ disaster recovery efforts—around-the-clock, every day of the year.

A proud member of the Restoration Industry Association and an award-winning DR recipient, our expertise and ability to take quick action make InPwr Inc.’s disaster recovery second to none. We help our clients minimize damage and disruption while meeting critical deadlines, ensuring that our clients suffer the least possible damage in the event of a catastrophe. Our experience lies not only in the United States, but in Canada and South America as well.

Emergency Response Deployments

We enter strict confidentiality agreements with our disaster recovery clients. The examples below are just a few of our considerable efforts in this area, with some details withheld to protect client privacy.

Natural Disaster

Flash Flooding Event, Arizona:
Arizona monsoon season brought heavy rains and flash floods to the desert land in the summer of 2018, bringing down a large casino and hotel in the area. Shortly after impact, InPwr’s DR Team doubled down in efforts bringing their value engineering and design revisions to the table, restoring initial power with 480V distribution and multiple generators running continuously, and then ultimately shifting to a long-term solution with two separate medium voltage service transformers with (1) 4000A 480V service and (1) 3000A service, each with ATS and stand by generation in an N+1 configuration, interior electrical distribution, and Arc Flash and Short Circuit Coordination engineering.

Hurricane Sandy:
When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast coastline, InPwr Inc. Disaster Recovery Site Visitimmediately deployed 30 teams of experts in various specialties for remediation and relief effort support. Our teams installed multiple generators ranging from 350Kw to 2MG and continued to support and oversee maintenance for those machines—including liaison and communication with local utility companies—for the duration of the effort. InPwr Inc. teams and management remained stationed in the area for several months as work rebuilding impacted areas continued.

Hurricane Isaac:
InPwr Inc. deployed 15 teams in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, which struck the southern coast in 2012. Our efforts included generator installation and support, electrical system remediation, and relief effort support, as well as ongoing assistance to our clients and community rebuilding efforts over a period of months.

Hurricane Irene:
In 2011, Hurricane Irene affected a wide area of coastline along the eastern seaboard. InPwr Inc. deployed 30 electrical crews to install generators, conduct electrical system remediation, and support relief efforts. Facing considerable destruction, crews remained in place for months, continuing support and maintenance oversight for our customers, working with local utilities and aiding rebuilding efforts.

Catastrophic Events

Private Fire Event, Venezuela:
Our client, a Fortune-ranked corporation in Venezuela, suffered a large electrical event that shut down a critical production facility. We deployed a team of design and engineering experts to ensure that the facility was brought back on-line safely and quickly.

Private Fire Event, New Jersey:
An electrical fault in a vault containing two 4000 AMP electrical services destroyed the electrical installation at a facility belonging to our client—a large national retailer. InPwr Inc. mobilized that day, putting a large team to work to reconstruct the electrical system and rebuild the vault in record time, minimizing loss to the company by restoring function in record time.

Private Fire Event, Manitoba, CA:
When our client—a large steel mill—suffered substantial damage following a large fire in the plant’s furnace area, InPwr Inc. managed mitigation efforts, including multiple contractors and controlling agencies as well as our own team of 150, to get the plant back online quickly and safely.

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