A Future-focused Solution: Keystone Foods

160,000 SF Cold Food Storage | Coatesville, PA

Complex requirements demand expertise and innovation.

Working closely with the client who had identified their need for a cold storage solution, InPwr worked to find a solution which included varying temperature storage areas and on-site capacity for truck maintenance and fueling. Our solution encompassed high-voltage primary electrical distribution, including installation in classified areas.

Built-in scalability provides higher value and a long-term solution.

Our team looked beyond current needs to design a scalable solution—enabling the client to meet temporary surges or sustained future growth without costly upgrades.  The InPwr Inc. solution included a robust electrical design to accommodate increased future electrical loads and shifts in storage temperatures. This flexibility made InPwr Inc.’s design viable in both the short- and long-term, providing even greater value and service and exceeding the client’s expectations for service and results.

InPwr Inc.’s commitment to build it better makes the future possible.


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